Generate an extra $50* per cow

Find infection earlier, faster and
with greater accuracy


Be a QScout Innovator

By participating in the QScout Innovation Council, you’ll be among the very first in the dairy industry to gain access to the QScout® Farm Lab and QScout® MLD rapid, on-farm test for detecting subclinical mastitis.


QScout Innovation Council

Our Mission

Advanced Animal Diagnostics is committed to improving the profitability of livestock production and providing livestock producers with diagnostics that empower more precise care of animals so they live healthier, more productive lives.


Sign up for updates on our on-farm diagnostics, or contact us to schedule a complimentary on-farm demo of the QScout® Farm Lab.

*Varies from herd to herd, based on factors like incidence of subclinical mastitis, cost of treatment, milk price and quality premiums.

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